Focus and Goals

Focus and Goals

a)  To organize forums, seminars, camps etc for spreading good living habits, healthy values, African culture, etc and to create centres throughout the country for the above activities

b)    To create awareness among the people regarding AIDS etc.

c)     To educate people against taking drugs and Alcohol

d)  To create the means for providing medical assistance to the people suffering from diseases, especially for indigent and financially helpless people.

e)    To educate the people for adoption of the good norms of a good citizenship and to inculcate into the people’s mind, ideals of national unity.

f)    To work for uplifting the status of women in the society. To work against female circumcision and to fight against the victimization of girl /women by anybody in the society on female circumcision or any other related issues.

e)    To help generate training programme for self-employment of women and educated unemployed people and to work for adult education.

f) To provide help under health & nutrition services for women   and children.

g) To create Training/education centre and health centre.

h) To provide help/shelter/facilities for old people, children and disabled persons for their welfare.

i)To provide help to people suffering from Natural calamities such as flood, Earthquakes, motor accidents etc.