Poverty does not have to exist in the world

Poverty is the main curse that seems to overpower third world countries. Almost 98%people living in developing countries lives on less than $2.00 a day. Which is less than what you and i would spend on our morning coffee. Financial crisis is not only limited to third world countries but it is also spreading all over the globe. Economists around the world have recognized 98% countries in Africa as one of continents that facing hardship and poverty. With the result of this, many people died daily due to lack of food, good clean drinking water and health care facilities

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General Feeding Program

Is a place where food and cloths are been distributed for the less priviledge people in the communit

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A healthcare facility or program that provides for the health needs of the community and provides su

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Youth Empowerment


We are an incubater for scalable soluti

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Help Children

We help millions of children all around the world achieve basic education.

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Our Events

Our Causes

Homeless people donation


The number of homeless and internally displaced people are growing by the number. Hence we have chosen to help and get them set up in temporary camps ...

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School materials replacement


Poor countries in the west of Africa and other poor areas of the country have very limited access to effective educational materials. We plan to chang...

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Orphange visitation

in West Africa

In the coming month, we plan to visit some orphanage homes in the west of Africa where food and basic health care needs are scarce. We would like your...

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  • Blessing Ibechodo, Secretary

    Ever since I joined this organization, I have always looked forwards to our next event. I believe helping humanity is not just for me and you but for every person with the will and power to help.

  • Ken and Chris organization, President and CEO

    Being the head of this organization has given me the opportunity to meet the grassroots and help in astonishing ways that i couldn't think of before